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Self Storage Questions & Answers

Dear Self Storage Guy,

I have a complaint, Why do all your managers make me drive so slow? I mean, is 10 or 15 MPH, really too fast? and why can't my friends follow me through the gate? It takes to much time to wait and to drive that slow.


Dear Speedy

Sorry to hear that you don't like the rules but they are very important. The speed limit is there to protect you as well as our other customers. While you might think its a great place to drive fast because it all seems so empty, the reality that our facilities are all at capacity and you could find anywhere from 300-400 cars around any corner. The main reason we enforce the speed limits so strenuously is for the children. In the past we have had Children as young as 2 step in front of cars and the only reason they didn't get hurt is because the people in those cars were following the rules. In addition to small children, we also have hearing and physically impaired customers that may not be able to hear you or move out of the way if you are not doing the speed limit. Last but not least this rule is also for management safety. In the past managers walking and on their golf carts have been hit by customers who were driving too fast. So while we value you as a customer, we also value our own lives and the safety of others that we are responsible for. Drive slow, relax, take your time, in today's busy world isn't it nice to have one place in the world that forces you to slow down.

Like speed limits, our gate rules provide a variety of safety functions. When you come in the gate it turns off your door alarm, when you leave it turns it back on. Those are the basics, but in addition to that important safety feature, our gates also take pictures of the drivers, passengers, Front Licence Plates and what is in the back of open trucks when they are leaving. It even counts the cars and help us manage our traffic so we know who and where everyone is at any given time.

You may know the car behind you is your friend but we don't, and to help insure safety and prevent break-ins & thefts we need know who is in each car and where they are going on our lot. So remember to code in and out for each car and help us make sure your stuff will be here when you get back.

So while you may think the rules can be a pain, they really are there to protect you, your family and your belongings.

The Self Storage Guy

Dear U-Stor Self Storage Guy,

Between the kids, the job, and life in general I just don't have time to get in and make my payment this month is there any way I can pay you over the phone or on-line.

Too Busy to Pay

Dear Busy,

   You are in luck, because now there are even more ways to pay for your storage with U-Stor Self Storage. As always you are welcome to bring your payment directly to us or even mail it to us. But we also offer other ways to pay for busy people like yourself. The easiest way to pay is to set up an auto draft from your credit or debit card. All U-Stor Self Storage this auto-draft service and it is the best way to guarantee NO HASSLE, and NO LATE FEES.

   If you want to pay over the phone or on-line, then we have two services to make your life easier. We offer a toll free number you can call to make payments over the phone with no pre-authorization needed. Or if you are into the internet we also have a new online payment system. To take advantage of these great new payments systems all you need to do is call the manager at your U-Stor Self Storage Facility and they will gladly provide you with the phone number and/or a URL to make this type of payment. There is a small conveience charge for this service usually under $3.00 for this type of payment and you must know your unit number and the name the account is in.

Dear U-Stor Self Storage Guy,
   I am moving into a new house but it won't be ready for 2 more months and I have already sold the house I am living in, I want to store my furniture during this time but I have nice stuff and I don't want it to mold or warp in the heat. Is there anything I can do besides rent climate controlled storage which is so expensive to keep my items safe?

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Too Much Stuff

Dear TMS,

   Climate control really shouldn't be necessary for the short amount of time you are going to be storing and there are lots of ways to make your items safer and less susceptible to climate damage. First off choose a a place to store your stuff that is built to help keep your items cooler. At U-Stor self storage we do this by using superior construction techniques that keep your belongings cooler than traditional storage. Our solid brick wall construction with gabled and shingled roofs help keep your items cooler than metal storage buildings by providing better insulation against the elements and a way for the heat to rise and vent from our units. We also use drywall inside for both fire prevention and residual humidity control. Other things you can do to help keep your items safe are:

1. Always use pallets or boards to keep your fine furniture from resting on the cement floor. Cement, by its very nature will hold some moisture and contains lime which is a corrosive. The pallets help protect your items 2 ways, by preventing contact with he cement and by providing ventilation around your items. Even covering the floor with plastic or cardboard boxes is better than just tossing the items in.

2. Cover your items with old cotton sheets to protect them from dust and from mold. Mold is most often brought in by the dust which carries it around the world.

3. Do not move when it is raining, even a light drizzle can allow your items to collect moisture. If you place wet items in a storage room they will grow mold, so make sure all your items are clean and dry before placing them in the unit. Also, leave refrigerator and freezers doors open to prevent mold from growing inside the units.

4. Products such as DampRid that help control humidity can be purchased online or at a local stores such as; Wallgreens, Walmart or C.V.S. .

5. Last but not least make sure you have the proper size self storage unit, bigger is always better than too small as this allows better ventilation, keeps your items looking nicer and makes it much easier to find something when you need it.

Dear U-Stor Self Storage Guy,

    Recently I purchased my dream car, a 1972 Corvette, it is in mint condition and I would like to keep it that way. I want to put it somewhere that allows me access, but I don't want it to be out on the street and my current garage is already full. Can I store my car with you?????


Classic Car Guy.


Hi There Classic Car Guy,

Not only can you store the car with us, but we meet the security requirements of most insurance companies* by providing you with solid brick buildings, digital video security cameras, on-site management and most importantly, our door alarm system which allows you 24/7 access to your car.

*Check with your insurance agent to see what their security requirements are to maintain coverage on your classic car. Please note that some proof of ownership and insurance on the vehicle is required to store you vehicle at U-STOR.

Do you have a question for us?

You may call your local property or email us and we will get an answer out to you in a jiff.

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